Michihisa Koyama/ÎRʋv

Frontier Energy Research Division started on 16th November 2008 upon my arrival at INAMORI Frontier Research Center and was closed in March 2018. The aim of our division was to pioneer the frontiers of energy technologies for sustainable energy society in the future.
Based on experiences of intensive energy researches for sixteen years (molecular simulations, oxide synthesis, electrochemical measurements, electrode reaction modeling, systems analyses, scenarios for future energy society, etc.), we have challenged new research areas of future energy technologies from atomistic scale to systems properties and further to social scientific aspects. We have contributed to education in the department of hydrogen energy systems, graduate school of engineering from April 2010.

Michihisa KOYAMA
Professor, Frontier Energy Research Division, INAMORI Frontier Research Center, Kyushu University
Professor, Department of Hydrogen Energy Systems, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyushu University