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2017 Yamazaki Group

The 7th Scientific Research A meeting.
We welcomed Dr. Kuwabara from JFCC to give a lecture in the 1st Energy Research Education Seminar.
We held a barbeque party for senior after the end of master examination.
At open campus Kyushu University, we had conducted thermochemical water splitting experiment. Total 44 high school students were partipated in this event.
We celebrated Milan with cake for visiting us.
We participated in volleyball tournament of Materials Engineering Department, we lost at first match to Nakano's Lab. We will looking forward in the next year!
Prof. Kawada from Tohoku University gave a lecture at 28th Inamori Frontier Research Seminar. Thank you very much for two and a half hours of enthusiastic lecture.
The 6th Scientific Research A meeting.
We participated in the volleyball competion of Materials Engineering Department and passed in qualification round with Win 1 and Loss 1.
Prof. Yamazaki, Asst. Prof. Hyodo, and Hoshino (M2) gave a presentation at 21st International Conference on Solid State Ionics in Italy. Prof. Yamazaki have been invited to give an invited lecture.
We participated in the basketball competition of the Materials Engineering Department. By Win 1, Loss 2 and Draw 1, we were at 11th out of 12 teams. We will meet again in the next year.
Tanii (M1) and Ishibashi (M1) gave a poster presentation in Heisei 29 Joint Academic Lecture at Kumamoto. Prof. Yamazaki and Asst. Prof. Hyodo were presented in oral presentation.
Barbeque party for improving senior's study motivation in coming master examination.
We held a welcome party for Bando, Naitou, Na, and Kitabayashi at Maizuru Park.
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